Disharmonics (12.04.2014 19:17): gruss N0XwAy (28.02.2014 07:26): Hey grüüssee Euch Andi Vee (12.02.2014 16:19): Schickt uns eure Grüße

DishFm - Sendeplan
  • Tiefenfrequenzevery Wednesday at 08°°pm (MET)
  • Clubnightevery Friday at 06°°pm (MET)
  • T@nZ DiSh FrEievery second Monday in a Month at 08°°pm (MET)
  • Progressive Tunesevery Thursday at 08°°pm (MET)
  • Sound Flashevery Saturday at 08°°pm (MET)
  • Takt Werk Booking HannoverHere you will find everything related to events and booking options
  • Treibende Töneevery Wednesday at 09°°pm (MET)
Unser Sendeplan